Caterina Grimalt

Today we bring as student of the week another future architect…and another Mallorcan…from the municipality of Campos.

Caterina decided to study Architecture at the end of ESO, although she had previously considered Law, which she is also very interested in, especially because she is very involved in politics and actively participates in it in Campos.

Within architecture: “I like the expertise because it has a point of law or legislation, although I do not rule out in the future to become autonomous and carry out projects as an architect”.

She is also passionate about the sea and sailing. This year he has taken the PER (Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo) here in Seville and now he is with the title of Patrón de Yate, although being a bigger boat, the practices have to be at sea, and he will do them in Mallorca. She belongs to the Club de Pesca de Campos and was runner-up in the Balearic Islands in the Campeonato de Pesca de Embarcación Fondeada. He owns a boat with his uncle, the person who instilled in him the love for the sea: “Going out with the boat is also to get together with friends who have other boats and spend the day with a good breakfast or a good snack”. He also rides a road bike when he can.

He loves Seville: “If I went back, I would make the same decision about the career and the city I chose. He is especially in love with the gastronomy of our city: “I have a list of my favorite restaurants; whenever my mother comes to visit me, we make a gastronomic getaway”. He is also very fond of Maria Luisa Park, where he goes jogging several days a week.

As if that were not enough, Caterina plays the saxophone and is a member of the Municipal Band of Campos, and, although she cannot attend most of the rehearsals, she participates in some performances. Now at Easter they have some planned there on the island. In Seville he attends classes with the Nuestra Señora del Sol Music Band.

She is very comfortable in the residence: “I like the family atmosphere and the food is very good, it is a very complete service”. “Last year I met quite a few people, but this year we’ve formed an even bigger group that feels like we’ve known each other all our lives.”

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