The first months of the academic year are very propitious dates to add value to the training that our students receive at the university. The class material is still manageable and students have time to complement it with other courses that may be useful to them.

Specifically, we have started the course with several workshops related to the field of Communication. As it is a transversal area, it is interesting for students from different fields and disciplines. It is not for nothing that students have to give presentations and lectures in class. They are interested in knowing how to project their voice and acquire resources to control stage fright, or to communicate effectively, capturing the listener’s attention. It is a know-how that will also serve them in their professional future, since communication skills are an essential tool in any area of knowledge.

In October we have scheduled two workshops in this area: one of them on “How to communicate in public: Hits for dummies”, by an exceptional speaker, Vanessa Migueláñez, head of Communication at the European Forum Business School. The second is a workshop on “How to organize events, everything you need to know”, by Diana González, Director of Communication and Marketing at Navarra Arenas and professor at the University of Navarra, as well as a regular contributor to oral and written media. Previously, the first week of the course, we invited our students to an “Advanced Theater Workshop”, given by David Diamond, Creative Director and one of the founders of Theater for Living.

The next scheduled workshop will be in November. It will be titled “Negotiation. Getting yes! And the principles of the Harvard method” and will be given by professor and consultant Jesús Irigoyen. Also in November we will organize a colloquium on “Nutrition in the university stage”, by Silvia López, nutritionist and manager of Ausolan centers. We hope the students enjoy it and take advantage of it!!!!

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