Raquel Unceta

Raquel, our student of the week, wanted to study a career in Health Sciences, until she got to Bachiller and got another Math teacher. It was like discovering a new world and he started to get excited about numbers. He was so good at it that he got an A in Bachiller and another A in Selectividad! He realized that his future had to be, yes or yes, linked to mathematics.

He hesitated between studying for a degree in Economics or Business Administration and, finally, he chose the first option. The first semester did not suit him, because the subjects were very general. But then he took Macroeconomics and Microeconomics and found that it was definitely his thing! “I’m quite happy with the race. It looks easy, but it’s not! You have to put in a lot of hours and study every day. When she finishes her degree she wants to do a master’s degree and then she would love to work in the Finance area of a company, or in subjects related to Statistics, or international markets.

She decided to study in Pamplona because she is a very independent person and wanted to study outside of Burgos. UPNA was a good option. A friend’s brother studied here and spoke very well of the city and the residence: “Pamplona has surprised me in a positive way. It has a great university atmosphere and the people are very open. As for Camplus, it was the first residence I saw and, just from the photos, I had already made up my mind. It was clear to me that it was the residence where I was going to feel comfortable, because of everything, the colors, the facilities, the location… I was afraid of not making friends, because I’m shy. I chose a double room and that helped me. I soon got along with my roommate, in fact the following year we decided to continue sharing a room. I really adapted quickly, the first week in the dorm I had already met my group of friends and I felt very comfortable.

In his spare time he enjoys drawing. Her father encourages her to study something related to the arts when she finishes her degree, but she prefers to pursue it as a hobby. She is also very sporty, having practiced athletics, swimming, volley-ball and rhythmic gymnastics. In Pamplona he doesn’t do a specific sport, running takes up a lot of his time!

He misses canicross, a sport he also practiced, in which you compete with dogs. It’s easy for her to have a partner in crime, because at home she has a large family: her parents, her two siblings and her eight dogs! She has a soft spot for the youngest, her dog Coco, she misses him very much.

She considers herself an organized and responsible person, and a bit lazy at times. When he gains confidence he is sociable and finds it easy to relate to people with whom he can maintain good communication. She is always very well supported by her “squadron of friends”, a great group, just like her!

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