Olaia Nuño

Olaia, our student of the week, faced college with a 13.5 grade point average. With that grade, he could opt for any career, and his professors insisted that he study medicine. It was a secure career that would guarantee him a good future. Olaia followed the advice and, already in her first year of medical school, she realized that this was not for her. He didn’t like it at all! His parents have always supported him in everything, they know how hard he tries, and they were the first to encourage him to redirect his future. This year she is studying law and she is thrilled! Because you don’t always get it right the first time and that’s okay!

Olaia has always had diverse facets, not only in the academic field, but also in the personal one. He loves sports, such as basketball and hiking. She is very lively, last year she signed up for the Camplus indoor soccer team without ever having played soccer!

He considers himself a person with solid roots. She speaks Basque and is very interested in the culture of her homeland: “I am from Vitoria, Basque, Spanish, European and a citizen of the world! It’s not a question of politics. I am proud of my land and I love to speak our language”.

He is also very attached to his family, which is his great pillar: “My parents have been together since they were 14 years old. And they have made an effort to create an inseparable bond with their three children. We are very close. I also admire my grandfather a lot, I like to talk to him and debate. I admire him a lot.

Olaia is cheerful, sociable and charismatic. He likes to integrate others, to talk to all people, to always give them a chance. Last year she received the “best rookie” award at the Gala organized by the students and this year she was the best veteran! Her colleagues appreciate that they can always count on her. She is witty and funny. And he’s in for a bombing!

He chose the residence on the recommendation of a camplusera, our dear Nerea! And he acknowledges that he has made lifelong friendships here. Above all, she highlights the bond she has with Lucía, her inseparable friend: “We study together, we help each other, she makes the career even more wonderful”.

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