María Cerrato

Today we bring another resident from oh, surprise!, Montijo (Badajoz) as student of the week. María arrived last year at Camplus Sevilla as a Mathematics student, but she knew that, although she liked math, that was not her true vocation, so she switched to nothing less than the Degree in Fine Arts also at the US. She wants to be a teacher and being a Mathematics teacher was a very good option, but what she is truly passionate about is art and that is what she would like to teach about in the future. In the race she is super happy. He’s learning a lot. He comes from the Baccalaureate of Sciences in which he obtained honors, while the majority of his classmates come from the Arts or Humanities so he started with this initial disadvantage, but he is doing great and in the first semester he has passed all the subjects .

She really likes to read: “Books seem like a wonderful thing to me because you can be in many places and experience many different situations through reading.” He writes poetry and since he is very artistic, this led him to want to illustrate what he has written, almost always in charcoal. Her love for painting comes from his grandfather who has always painted and does it very well.

María was one of the participants in the residence’s Christmas card contest with her beautiful version of Klimt’s “The Kiss,” which she titled “Never lose your hope.” Of her life in the residence, she values, above all, the friendships she has made and, she is a charming resident, all kindness and sweetness.

She likes sports, especially racket sports. She has played tennis and paddle tennis, but in Seville he has put them on hold a bit. In the city she is very happy: “I think it is a beautiful city and the people are always very willing to help with anything.”

She is also always willing to help others. In the summers she works as a volunteer at the Red Cross Youth as a summer camp instructor in her town, Montijo. It’s something she loves because she really likes dealing with people, so we know she will be a great teacher.

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