María Azcona

Maria Azcona

María Azcona

Maria made a last-minute career choice. she opted for the Double Degree in Law and Business Administration. Two years later, it is clear to her that, above all, she enjoys law. She would love to work in an embassy… Or as a lawyer in the defense of gender violence… The double degree is long, it’s five and a half years, so she has time to think about it. She also knows she wants to work abroad. She is fluent in English and French. She has had the opportunity to travel a lot, especially in Europe, and she finds it enriching to live independently in another country, out of the comfort zone…

She is delighted in Pamplona, although she was tempted to study in Zaragoza. There is her sister, to whom she has a very special relationship. Finally she prioritized the proximity (she is from Fustiñana) and she is happy, because in Pamplona you can walk anywhere and it has everything you need in a city! She gives a good review of her stay at Camplus: “When I chose the residence, I prioritized the experience and the good reviews of Camplus and I was right! The location is perfect. I have made incredible friends, there are 17 of us, all from the residence! There are a lot of activities organized, galas… Living in the residence is being an experience of 10”.

In her spare time she loves dancing and swimming. She also enjoys reading and playing the guitar. Doing two university careers, there is no time for more! She is a very cheerful and positive person, that’s what we like the most about her! She always has a friendly smile for all of us. She also likes to take care of the people he loves. She also considers herself ambitious: “I set very high goals and, when I achieve them, I feel very satisfied”. Maria is flexible, she adapts well to changes: “I don’t like to have everything under control. Next year I want to study abroad to live new experiences. I think it will help me mature and grow as a person”.

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