Lucía Ramírez

Lucía, our student of the week, was very happy when she discovered the Biomedical Engineering Degree; because she is attracted to the health sector, but not from the perspective of direct treatment, but for the possibility of designing and providing practical solutions to medicine.

She could have enrolled in Vigo, but she wanted to “leave the nest” and learn to fend for herself. Pamplona seemed to him an attractive city, perfectly sized and comfortable to live in. And he landed at UPNA!

At least she was not alone. A friend, Jorge, was coming to Pamplona. It was he who visited the residence and recommended it to her. Lucia saw that she was in the center and that “it looked very good”; and that’s how she landed at Camplus!

And in a shared room. He didn’t know if he would hit it off with his partner, but now, he’s happy! “We study the same career and this makes life much easier: we help each other with doubts, we encourage each other… Seeing her study motivates me. She is without a doubt a reference person!”

Attending the resi mentoring has also helped her: “It’s a tough race. In mentoring we share notes, we solve the exercises together…

Although her priority is her studies, Lucía did not want to abandon her “other vocation”: music. He has been playing the violin since he was 5 years old and has been part of several orchestras. He is now in the University Orchestra of the UNAV. She rehearses every week and is delighted! “What I like is to share music with others. Music helps me to stay motivated, it’s an incentive”.

He is also passionate about athletics, although he does not compete in Pamplona. Of course, he’s going to run through the Citadel! And he has signed up for the basketball team of the resi. He has never played basketball, but he loves a challenge!

She considers herself to be very active: “I like to make the most of my time and do things that give me something to do”. She is also cheerful and talkative. And very familiar; there are many at home, she admits that she misses them, including her little dog! She is courageous and encouraged, she knows she can handle this new stage and will emerge stronger!

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