Lucía Bartolomé

Lucia, our student of the week, has always been attracted to the field of criminal law. He knows him closely, as several family members have studied law. He thinks he got the career right, the first course was a bit general, but the second course is proving to be interesting.

Lucia considers herself a shy person. Precisely for this reason, he wanted to study outside his hometown (Miranda de Ebro), to get out of his comfort zone and gain confidence. His sister, who is his great reference, encouraged him to study in Pamplona. It was a leap into the void that was worth it, since in Pamplona he has made inseparable friends and has gained confidence.

It wasn’t easy at first: “It was hard for me to let go. My friend Diego, who was also in Camplus, told me that he didn’t recognize me!”

Because studying away from home and the transition to university is a big challenge. Lucia is a brave girl and, in the face of fear, she doesn’t back down! When you applied to Camplus, there were no single rooms left. It was a hot flash for her, because she didn’t want to share a room. Then she saw that she couldn’t have been luckier, she and her “roommate” became inseparable and soon made a wonderful group of friends.

In her free time she loves to make simple plans, such as going to the movies or bowling, or going out with friends for a drink. He also enjoys sports, especially running and swimming, although he admits that in Pamplona, he has put it on hold for a while!

Lucia is a kind and sincere girl. When she gains confidence, she is lively and has plenty of conversation. Above all, he is a person who likes to listen. A faithful friend who is always there to understand and support you in whatever you need.

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