Jesus Peiroten

Jesus, our student of the week, has always wanted to be a doctor. What he likes most about the profession is the human touch and the possibility of helping other people. He still does not know which specialty he prefers, maybe Cardiology, as long as he can be with the patients!

He worked very hard to get a place. He applied to several universities and was admitted to all five! Many people encouraged him to choose the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. But he was used to living in his village, Duruelo de la Sierra, and he was not comfortable living in such a big city. UPNA was nearby and had a good reputation. And Pamplona is the perfect size!

Choosing the residence was easier because I had a friend at Camplus. Mayela, a pharmacy student, told him that she was very happy at Camplus, because of the environment and the location. He trusted her!

He admits that he feels “super-integrated” and very happy: “Half of my group are from the Camplus doctors’ sect. The rest are from other careers. I am happy. The mentors, both Pedro and Paula, have helped me a lot, they are lovely. And the 2nd year Medicine girls, all of them, have been supportive. In high school you stood out. At the university, everyone is very prepared. You have doubts, and that’s where the help of the mento@s is key”.

He has failed half of the course, which he expects to pass in the remediation. He spends a lot of time studying, but admits that he goes out on Thursdays, and has found that, by getting organized, he can do anything.

Sports are not his forte, with the exception of hiking. He is passionate about the mountains (he proudly tells us that the Douro River has its source in his village!) He also loves to play the piano, how relaxing it is!

Jesus is sociable and friendly with everyone. It’s impossible not to like him! We affectionately call him Txus, with tx, even though he is from Soria! “I was baptized on the first day and it has stuck!” He is sensitive and empathetic. No doubt a future (and happy to be) doctor.

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