Javier Martínez

Javier Martinez

Javier Martínez

Javier knows that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. For this reason, he does not feel uncomfortable for having started some studies (Advertising and Journalism) and finding that it was not what he was looking for. This year he has started Marketing and he is delighted, now he is!

He is actually a person with quite clear ideas. He already knows what to do, now he has to learn all the tools to make his dream come true: “I want to create a wine distributor that promotes the wines of small wineries in La Rioja Alavesa. They are incredible wines, since quality is prioritized over production. They work with dedication and affection”.

His hobbies are also very well defined. He loves fashion and his bassoon, his great ally in times of stress, which he plays in his town’s brass band.

He comes from an enterprising family; his great-grandfather started his business activity by buying vineyards. The property grew to become a large family farm. He is an only child and feels the weight of the responsibility of the baton he will take one day! “I am very proud of what my family has done. It has taught me that with effort and perseverance you can get anywhere. I also feel grateful because they have trusted me.”

He is a very family-oriented person and likes to study in Pamplona because of its proximity to La Guardia (his hometown): “It is a city with a great student atmosphere. And I can go to La Guardia any afternoon, to see my people. I have my priorities clear: family, friends and making the most of the time, which is slipping away […] The adaptation has been easy. In the residence I feel like a family away from home. The veterans have helped us a lot. We are very different people, from different careers and backgrounds, who respect and learn from each other.

His father was very sick and that made him grow up fast. And underneath the facade of a fun-loving and lively guy, lies a person with solid values and a clear mind: “I’ve lived a lot. I am very sociable and independent, but above all I am a family man, a friend of my friends and a loyal person”.

His arrival at the residence has been like a breath of fresh air. Because Javier is very cheerful, communicative and generous. It has an infectious energy that definitely brightens up your day!

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