Foto Cristina Serrano

Cristina Serrano

Foto Cristina Serrano

Today we present this new section that we will publish weekly, the student of the week. Every Friday we will introduce you to a resident. Our first student of the week is Cristina, a “veteran” of Camplus Sevilla who has been with us since last year.

Cristina, had many doubts when choosing her studies; her father is a pharmacist, and Pharmacy was always an option, perhaps the most natural and comfortable, but she, who is restless and curious by nature, had other concerns and as she was passionate about sports, she finally opted for Sports Science, at the University Pablo de Olavide.

Since she was a child she has practiced different sports such as tennis, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, athletics… In the last year of high school she saw that it was very complicated to combine studies and various sports disciplines and had to choose athletics, and boy, did she get it right! She is still federated in the same club in her native Cordoba, El Trotacalles, with which she competes, but when she arrived in Seville she was recommended a training group in La Cartuja where she trains from Monday to Friday and is not doing badly. This season, in Motril, she has been proclaimed sub-champion of Andalusia U-20 outdoor in the 400 meters hurdles. He also came second in the San Antón Popular Race (Jaén) and in the Women’s Day Race in Córdoba.

Cristina is a clear example of how, if she is well organized, there is time for everything: “Ever since I was a child, I have been used to carrying out several activities at the same time and it’s not hard for me”. In addition, she has time to be part of our student committee, in which she repeats for the second year and is the first to sign up for most of the activities of the residence, such as the tour of the city, the Scape Room … And of course, she has also gone to cheer for Betis Basketball.

She considers herself to be somewhat introverted “I am also a very family-oriented girl, and in the residence, the truth is that I feel at home”. He loves Seville, especially walking along the river near the Triana Bridge.

In the future, he sees himself living in Córdoba because it is a more manageable city and because he is closer to his family, but if his professional career takes him elsewhere, he does not rule out living in another city.

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